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For Libby Rosebro Chriss, sitting down to paint is a moment of pure peace. Creating is not just her day job, but, rather, her happy place. Libby grew up coloring, painting and making with her mom. When she got to Virginia Tech for college, it was only natural for her to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting. While at VT, she was a member of the Women's Varsity Lacrosse team. As an athlete and artist, Libby has always had to balance the unique tension between her creative and structured sides. Today, she is still balancing, this time between being a full-time artist and full-time mother and wife in Richmond, Va.

When discussing her style, Libby talks about blending bright colors, exaggerating natural shapes, using extra layers of paint and applying loose brush strokes. She loves the process of applying layer after layer of paint to reveal the final result. Every aspect of her process is vital to developing interesting vignettes throughout each piece. Working in both acrylic and watercolor, Libby starts each work slowly. Each piece may take a while to get going, but, eventually, they develop an energetic painterly realism. Art should always make you feel something; Libby hopes her work makes you feel warmth, delight and, through her subject matter, nostalgia. 

When not painting, Libby is hugging her sweet baby boy, Bo, face-timing her nieces and spending time with her wonderful friends and family. She's also a big fan of her cute husband, Matt, too.

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